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Our approach to supporting chess is so comprehensive, we even help you pay for it with our all new Learn & Earn Program!

The Think Like A King® Learn & Earn Program has no commitments, risks or obligations. With Learn & Earn, chess coaches can now make sure that all students develop advanced chess – and thinking skills – and do some helpful fundraising at the same time.

Since all seven of our Chess Workouts interactive tutorials are perfect for home use, and computer access at school may be limited, you may want to encourage students to expand their learning by using the Workouts as their own personal chess tutor, available on their home computers whenever they like. The Think Like A King® system even allows work at home to be reported back to the coach at school.

Learn & Earn is both simple and effective. Your students can get our Chess Workouts Demo software on their computers at home and then browse through samples of the different tutorials. They decide which titles they want (or follow the curriculum guidelines you’ve created for your club). Then a click of a button takes them to our Web site to purchase unlock codes for immediate full access to the titles they chose.

Unique serial numbers allow us to associate any order from your students with your chess club, and for every Chess Workout ordered through the Learn & Earn program your club receives a generous royalty (See chart below). Your players can now Learn from a comprehensive, interactive chess curriculum, and your club Earns funds to support it! You can receive an automatic e-mail notification of each order as it comes in, and you’ll also be able to track your club’s earnings online. We’ll send royalty checks at regular intervals. There’s nothing else for you to do!

Here is how your students can get our Demo Software:

We’ll send you a link to a Web address unique for your club, included in an email template that explains what Learn & Earn is all about. Customize the message any way you like, and then send it to your players and parents. When they click on the Web link they get to a page that welcomes members from your school and lets them download a Chess Workouts Demo (note: broadband connection highly recommended for large file size). Downloading the online Demo costs nothing, ever.

Your club can raise funds every year...to purchase computers, to purchase more software, to enter more tournaments, to support chess at your school in any way you choose. And there's no risk, commitment, minimum, or obligation of any kind - ever.

How much money you’ll raise for your chess club through Learn & Earn depends on many factors. The more you use the Chess Workouts as the core learning materials for your chess teaching, the more students will want to have them on their home computers. If you also take advantage of the many other features of Think Like A King® (like the Awards Certificates, Workout Points, Thinking Belts and Thinking Tags), you’ll have a comprehensive system that motivates everyone to work through an entire scholastic chess curriculum in the most fun and engaging way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your players learn better chess – and thinking – skills, and you’ll have an ongoing source of extra resources for your chess program.

Using the Chess Workouts at home gives your students an extra edge. And your chess club gets some extra cash.

Below are the relevant home software costs and club royalties if parents or students purchase the software themselves (at our retail prices) from the Web link. Alternatively, you can order any of the individual tutorials or packages below for the discounted Learn & Earn price – and simply hand these out to students as part of their chess club materials. You can charge students either our retail prices (if you want to raise funds for your club) – or the Learn & Earn price you paid. It’s totally up to you!

Retail Cost
Club Royalty
Learn & Earn
First Lessons in Chess
$ 14.95
$ 2.50
Individual Chess Workouts
$ 14.95
$ 2.50
Family Package
$ 39.95
$ 10.00

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