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Installing the Chess Workouts at Home

1. Nothing hapens when I put the CD in the drive:

Windows: If the Installer does not automatically launch when you insert the CD, double click on your desktop ‘My Computer’ icon, then double click on the CD drive icon to view the files on the CD. Double click on the ‘TLAK Home Setup.exe’ file to launch the Installer. Complete installation instructions are given in the "Read Me" file on the CD.

Mac: Double click on the ‘TLAK Home Edition Installer’ file to launch the Installer.


2. I get a Serial Number Error Message after I try to install more Chess Workouts from a new CD (when I already had existing Workouts on the same computer):

When you installed your original Think Like A King Home Edition software you loaded all of the Chess Workouts software you need (Volumes 1-6 and First Lessons in Chess). Depending on what volumes you purchased and the serial number you entered, some of the volumes may remain in a ‘locked’ mode. Unlocking additional volumes requires a new set of serial numbers, which must be correctly keyed to the original set and to your specific computer. A second Chess Workouts CD is NEVER needed, and using serial numbers from a new CD will not work.

If you have already purchased a second CD, do not worry – we can still unlock your software. In order to do so easily, you must do two things:

  1. Go online to register the first Chess Workout you installed. You will now receive the User ID required to complete registration of your software, and we will get the information we need to manually generate any matching serial numbers needed for your other software. (If you have already done this, skip to step 2).

  2. Send an email to info@schoolchess.com , with the subject line ‘Additional Serial Number Needed’. In the message, list your full name, the title and serial numbers (including the User ID, if you have received this already in step 1 above) from the original Chess Workout CD you installed, and the title, CD Serial Number and Product ID number for each of these other Chess Workout CDs (this information is on the serial number sticker on the back of the CD wallet). Also, please include the name of the vendor from whom you received your additional Chess Workouts CDs.

Once we get this information, we will email you back with serial numbers that will work with your original software. Please note that you must register your software online from the computer that you have installed the Chess Workouts on – serial numbers will not work on other machines. If your computer is not connected online, you can use one of the other options presented during the Registration process (follow the on screen instructions).

The best way to purchase new Workouts in the future is to use your software to connect to our Web site and purchase them online – DO NOT obtain new CDs from any other source, or you will have the same type of serial number conflicts. To do this, just select the ‘Buy New Chess Workouts’ option on the File menu, or click the button of the same name on the ‘Select Books’ screen. This takes you directly to our Web site, where you will receive your unlock codes immediately after making your new Chess Workout purchase.


3. I am repeatedly being asked to enter the serial numbers for the software every time I open it up:

This is because you were not logged on with full Administrator privileges when you originally installed the software, and/or because you did not grant full READ and Write privileges to the installation directory. Be sure you log on with using the Administrator account on your computer, check the privileges granted to the TLAK software folder (by default it is C/Program Files/Think Like A King 2.5), then open the software and re-enter the serial numbers.



Installing the Chess Workouts at School


1. I am repeatedly being asked to enter the serial numbers for the software every time I open it up:

Initial software installation must be performed while logged on with full Administrator privileges, and full READ and WRITE privileges must be granted to the installation directory. Software must be installed onto the server's C drive - DO NOT try to install onto a Network Aware Storage device.



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