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Here's What the Chess World is Saying about Think Like A King®

"The ultimate chess tool for schools. Think Like A King does it all!"
Bruce Pandolfini, renowned chess coach and author
portrayed by Ben Kingsley in "Searching for Bobby
Fischer" (Paramount Pictures, 1993)

"Chess Club Manager is an invaluable tool for organizing and administering school chess clubs."
Michael Cavallo,Past Executive Director
United States Chess Federation
"Chess Club Manager is a unique product. Coaches and trainers now have a new alternative that allows them to administer their chess programs more effectively."
WIM Beatriz Marinello, Past Scholastic Director
United States Chess Federation (now USCF Board President)

"You'll love what this does for your chess club!"
Frank Niro, Past Executive Director,USCF

"It's like having an assistant chess coach and expert teacher available 24 hours a day."
Frank Del Bonis, Middle School Coach and Director,
Rhode Island Scholastic Chess Association
"..For a tutorial that holds the kids' interest, and is totally interactive as well as enjoyable to work with, our family has found the Think Like a King School Chess Software System to best meet our needs."
Cindy Johns, www.kaleidoscapes.com, September 1999 (Home-schooling family)

"A rigorous but realistic software package designed for setting up a school chess club and teaching the students the fine points of the game of Robert James "Bobby" Fisher, Boris Vasiliyevich Spassky and Garry Kasparov…." In my own tests of the workout game on a Mac, I learned more about my own end game than ever before. I had to drag myself away, in fact, to write this column."
James Coates, Technology Writer, "Doctor's gambit mates
schoolkids with chess", Feb. 21, 1999, Chicago Tribune

And About David MacEnulty -- Author Of The Think Like A King: Chess Workouts© Series

"A true pathfinder, David MacEnulty is always finding new and creative ways to teach my favorite game. He is simply one of the best chess teachers in the world."
Bruce Pandolfini, renowned chess coach and author; portrayed in
"Searching for Bobby Fischer" (Paramount, 1993)



Home-schooler Touts Think Like A King - www.kaleidoscapes.com – September 1999

Motivate Your Students to "Think Like a King": New Software Series for School Chess Clubs - School Mates, September/October 1997

Think Like A King Software Series For Scholastic Chess Clubs. Software Tools to Make Chess Your School Sport!! - August 1997 Press Release
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