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Learn Chess & Make it Your School Sport with the Think Like A King® School Chess Software System Version 2.0

Highland Park , IL – July 26, 2005 -- Food for Thought Software, Inc., announces the release of Version 2.0 of its Think Like A King® School Chess Software System. Now the Official Scholastic Software of the United States Chess Federation, Think Like A King uses chess to teach kids how to think, and is designed to run scholastic chess programs (even without a chess expert) while elevating the activity to the level of a school sport.

With more than a million schoolchildren engaged in scholastic chess, the sport is beginning to rival soccer as the activity for American youth. Almost 5,300 students participated in the recent ‘Supernationals’ K-12 chess tournament in Nashville, a testament to the surging popularity of the game among young people.

With the release of Think Like A King Version 2.0, Food for Thought has taken a good idea and made it even better. Enhanced graphics and other options make their seven interactive tutorials – the Chess Workouts© – even more attractive to students interested in learning the game in a step-wise fashion that builds thinking skills as it builds self-esteem. Providing a complete scholastic chess curriculum, the Workouts take the work out of learning chess. New features in Chess Club Manager©, the organizational and motivational tool in the system, make it even easier to run after-school chess programs. Whether a ‘coach’ uses CCM to track student learning, print out chess award certificates or for any of its many other features, this tool helps chess become a real school sport, creating role models that forever emphasize the value of successful thinking.

How does Think Like A King draw students to chess? One reason is that the company’s Thinking Tags are a big hit. These are nine karate-belt color dog tags inscribed with individual chess pieces that students earn as they learn their way through the Chess Workouts tutorials to become a Black Belt in Thinking! Hung on their book bags for all to see, the tags become the varsity letters for chess and quickly become the coolest collectible at school.

With Think Like A King rewarding students for being good chess learners as much as good players, the company has broadened the appeal of the game and sustained the interest of kids who might otherwise have dropped out of chess. And for schools interested in using chess to enhance critical thinking, concentration, planning ahead and other skills vital to academic success, the news couldn’t be better. For only $179.95, a school can purchase the entire software system for one computer. A permanent site license is an additional $1,499.95 for unlimited computers, PC and Mac.* The Thinking Tags cost just $59.95 for a starter set for a club of 20 students.

Think Like A King is more than just great software. It’s a nationwide project to promote chess as an educational activity that promotes successful thinking for a successful life. Chess makes kids smarter…. And Think Like A King makes chess better. That’s why large school districts like Miami-Dade and Philadelphia are using the program to implement district-wide chess initiatives. Check out this highly regarded software system used by more than 1100 schools nationwide at www.schoolchess.com.

System Requirements:

  • Think Like A King Version 2.0 CDs contain software for both Windows 95 through XP and Mac OS X
  • Requires 20 MB disk space.
  • Audience: First Lessons and Chess Workouts Vols. 1 & 2: Grade 3 & up readers (or younger, working with parents). Chess Workouts Vols. 3 6: Grade 4 & up readers.

Interview Contact: Ms. Leslie B. Lipschultz, Vice President
Telephone: 800-205-4706

Food for Thought Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 100
Highland Park , IL, USA 60035
Voice 800-205-4706 or 847-433-6515
Fax 847-433-6523


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