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Think Like A King is now online...and better than ever!!

Check us out at: www.TheChessSchool.net

• All the things you loved in the original, with a brand new look

• Audio narration for beginners

• Access 24/7 from anywhere, no software to install

• Create a comprehensive chess course at school, or great learning at home

• Special features for chess businesses

Think Like A King® is a comprehensive software system that lets schools or families use chess to help kids build the critical thinking skills they'll need for learning… and for life.

At school, it's an entire system that addresses all the needs of a chess club, from Teaching to Motivation to Management. So any school - or school district - can have an expert chess program even without an expert chess teacher.

At home, our engaging interactive chess tutorials make learning chess easier and more fun than ever. You'll find everything you need to help your kids become better chess players and better thinkers. It's like having a personal chess tutor on call 24/7.

Think Like A King is more than just great software. It's a nationwide project to promote chess as an educational activity that provides the tools to promote successful thinking for a successful life.

It's your move.

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