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Chess Workouts© for Home

Think Like A King®: Engaging interactive tutorials that kids love! Each Chess Workout has the content of a complete chess book, written by experts at teaching chess to kids. Lessons and puzzles come alive on the interactive chessboard, taking the work out of learning chess!

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If you would prefer to download the software, get instant access, and save s/h fees, then click the "Demos and Updates" link above. Download and install our FREE DEMO, then use the 'Buy New Workouts' option in the File menu to instantly purchase codes that unlock the Chess Workouts.

Holiday Special Chess Workouts Package

The Think Like A King® Family Package

A $105 value

7 complete chess volumes at our lowest price ever!!!

Great value for families with several chess players at different levels or players who want to grow their chess knowledge. One CD contains a complete chess library that includes First Lessons in Chess and all six Chess Workouts. (See descriptions of individual Chess Workouts below).


Individual Chess Workouts
First Lessons in Chess©
A perfect way for reading-aged children grade 3 and up (or their parents!) to get started in chess. First Lessons is for players new to chess, whether young or old. Covering all the basic rules and moves, chess notation, opening strategy, tactics and common endgame scenarios, this introduction to the Think Like A King learning series contains dozens of animations, challenges and 165 interactive chess puzzles that make learning a snap.

Tactical Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol. 1... David MacEnulty

Master basic tactical concepts with an interactive tutorial designed to help players recognize strategic and tactical opportunities. From Pins to Forks and Skewers, Undermining to Overworking, basic tactical thinking is clearly defined and demonstrated via interactive puzzles. Simple text explanations and minimal reliance on chess notation make this a perfect teaching tool for beginning students.

Checkmate Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol. 2... David MacEnulty
Apply the tactical lessons learned above and add the next level of thinking - pattern recognition and combination attacks - to pursue the ultimate goal: Checkmate. Over 300 interactive checkmate problems that transform beginners into real chess thinkers!

Endgame Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol 3... David MacEnulty
It may all come down to the Endgame, and here's where beginners have the most trouble. A course on the science of the end of the game, where clear thinking and careful play are critical. Learn the tactics of Pawn Promotion and the rules that let you create a winning position - or prevent your opponent from gaining one!

Opening Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol 4: ... David MacEnulty
A truly unique learning tool that explores the why and not just the how of opening play. Covering the common openings and variants, with Traps, Zaps and more.

More Tactical Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol 5 ... David MacEnulty and GM Miron Sher
Internationally acclaimed player and coach, GM Miron Sher, joins David MacEnulty as co-author of the second volume on tactics and strategy. This follow up to Vol. 1, Tactical Thinking, explores the use of all the important chess tactics in more complex positions. Intermediate players learn how to launch attacks over several moves, and gain material or positional advantage via the use of sophisticated tactical ploys.

More Checkmate Thinking
Chess Workouts© Vol 6 ... David MacEnulty and GM Miron Sher
Follow up to Vol. 2, Checkmate Thinking. Using the same techniques of checkmate pattern recognition and attacks organized by piece combinations, players learn to recognize and execute their checkmate opportunities in more difficult situations. Over 300 puzzles with mate in two, three or more moves are used to teach intermediate players.

Three ways to upgrade from Version 2.0 to Version 2.5:

  • Buy any new Chess Workouts volume here
  • Download the FREE Chess Workouts Demo
  • Order the Chess Workouts Demo on CD (Item#185 below; pay s/h only) 
Chess Workouts Demo on CD
Upgrade your Chess Workouts at home to version 2.5

Take advantage of Version 2.5's larger screen size for all your older version Chess Workouts. Upgrade any or all version 2.0 Chess Workouts to Version 2.5 – for Free!

System Requirements:

  • CDs with Chess Workouts© Home Edition 2.5 contain software for Windows 95 through Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.1 - 10.10 (Yosemite). Requires 50 MB disk space.
  • Audience: First Lessons and Chess Workouts Vols. 1 & 2: Grade 3 & up readers (or younger, working with parents). Chess Workouts Vols. 3 – 6: Grade 4 & up readers.

Motivational Tools: More Great Ways to Make Chess A Success!

Total: $0.00

Thinking Belts Wall Chart - Download Free PDF and instructions or purchase 10
$7.50 for 10
Motivate everyone to learn better chess and thinking skills by rewarding progress with promotions through our Thinking Belt levels. Like Karate belts our Thinking Belt system inspires and rewards your children as they progress through the Chess Workouts© curriculum. The more they learn, the higher they rise as they think their way through 9 colors and 28 levels of achievement. Our Thinking Belts Wall Chart will help you mark their success for the entire family to see. Your kids will race to keep up with each other as they earn new belts, ranging from white, yellow, green, all the way up to the coveted Black Belt - in Thinking.

Thinking Tag Set for Home Use (9 tags; 1 of each color plus chain)
As your children advance through the Thinking Belt levels, you can give them an extra reward: a matching colored metal Thinking Tag keyed to their progress. Tied to their schoolbags and displayed like a Varsity letter, they'll soon be the coolest collectibles at school. Your kids will want to work - and learn - their way up to the Black Belt Tag! 


Knights of the South Bronx DVD

The author of our Chess Workouts tutorials, David MacEnulty, used chess to transform the lives of his at-risk students, and inspired Ted Danson's role in the A&E original movie, Knights of the South Bronx. Learn David's story with the Knights DVD. Then learn more about our Chess Workouts, which make David's highly regarded curriculum accessible to schools and homes everywhere in a series of seven engaging tutorials that take the work out of learning chess.
Ted Danson gives a compelling performance in this heroic, heartwarming story based on David MacEnulty's experiences as an inner-city schoolteacher in New York who "discovers a way to reach out to his skeptical students through the game of chess. Against all odds, he inspires his students to become champions, not only at chess, but in life!" Co-starring Keke Palmer and Malcolm David Kelley, the "Knights of the South Bronx proves that no matter who you are or where you come from, if you play like a winner, you can be a king!" 90 minutes. A&E Network co-produced the film with Fox Television Studios (FtvS)(2005)."

'How To' Monographs

Total: $0.00

Order our monographs to get you going in the right direction, with tips on organization and teaching strategies (or download free PDF) …

Brochure: How To Organize A School Chess Club - Download free PDF or purchase
Whether you are a parent, teacher or volunteer, this monograph is intended to provide a hands-on document to walk you through the critical steps of starting and sustaining a successful chess club. From funding, to recruiting coaches and students, to equipment needs and the logistics of when and where - this manual will help you put all the pieces together to make chess a varsity sport at your school.

Monograph: A Curriculum Guide for Scholastic Chess ... David MacEnulty - Download free PDF or purchase
Make certain the teaching component of your chess program is educationally sound, so students experience a comprehensive and solid chess curriculum. This guide will help you organize your chess teaching so students can improve their chess-playing - and their critical thinking skills.

How to Purchase Think Like A King® products:

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  • School Purchase Order
  • Print blank order form or shop online & print completed order form.
  • Order by Phone: 800/205-4706 or 847/433-6515 (8AM - 8PM CST )

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