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Purchase the Chess Workouts© for Home


There are three convenient ways to buy the Chess Workouts©:

Option 1: Download the Chess Workouts© now: Download and browse through our free Demo, then choose 'Buy New Workouts' from the File menu to get unlock codes for instant access to any or all complete Chess Workouts© volumes. Download

Option 2: Order the Chess Workouts© on CD: Purchase a CD

Option 3: Unlock more Chess Workouts© in the software I already own: If you already have Think Like A King® installed on your computer and would like to unlock additional Chess Workouts© volumes on that computer, DO NOT purchase them here. Instead, select “Buy New Workouts” in the File menu of your Think Like A King® software to purchase more unlock codes.

To upgrade from Version 1 or 2.0 to Version 2.5: Check out your three options in our online store.

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